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Automatic call recording pause


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We currently have automatic recording and I have programmed 2 buttons on users snom 715 phones to pause and resume the recording (using the starcode F key http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/starcode) is there any way we could get this to notify the user? eg the BLF button lights up when paused and extinguishes when resumed?


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Actually at least snom, Grandstream and Yealink have a recording function on their buttons. Right now we have it for ad-hoc. They way this works is a INFO message with a special header; we need to try if the PBX can actually send it to tell the phone that recording is on.

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is there any update on implementing this feature?

I have noticed that in the last update that the system no longer works with  http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/starcode

when the key is pressed I am seeing the below in logs.

[4] 20190416114440: Dial number *94 from user 681 and dial plan Redacted
[5] 20190416114440:
*94 does not match any star code

It does seem to work using http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/dtmf

but this has the undesired effect of sending the DTMF tones when the button is pressed.


I can provide full logs if required but this definitely worked in version 60.0 and possibly 61.0 

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