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Software Update Not Working


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We have a mutual customer, Bonneville 911, and they are trying to upgrade from version 56.0 to 60.0. The server has access to vodia.com and they are using the following URL: http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-60.0.xml. When they press SAVE, it is literally maybe 2 seconds and it displays "Software Update Completed Successfully" but even after they reboot the server, the version still shows as 56.0. Their license is:

License Status: Vodia PBX premium 10 (Bonneville) 5XX-XXX-XXX-XXX

John Woelz


This post will not allow me to REPLY so I am simply editing the original post.


I need you to check the license because the logs are saying this:


6/27/2018    07:08:04    141    Info    Local0.Info    Jun 27 07:08:04 IDBNV-BCSO-PX01 http:vodia.com:80: Return code 200 
6/27/2018    07:08:04    141    Alert    Local0.Alert    Jun 27 07:08:04 IDBNV-BCSO-PX01 The system cannot be upgraded to this version (please check your license) 
6/27/2018    07:08:04    141    Alert    Local0.Alert    Jun 27 07:08:04 IDBNV-BCSO-PX01 Last message repeated 2 times 
6/27/2018    07:08:04    141    Alert    Local0.Alert    Jun 27 07:08:04 IDBNV-BCSO-PX01 software update error: your OS Win64 is not part of swupdate process 
6/27/2018    07:08:04    141    Alert    Local0.Alert    Jun 27 07:08:04 IDBNV-BCSO-PX01 Software update finished. If there were no errors, changes will be completed after the PBX restart 



I am still not able to REPLY to this post so I have to keep editing the original.  

The executable is already named pbxctrl.exe. But it is in a snomONE directory:

C:\Program Files\snomone\snomONE\pbxctrl.exe

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Can you turn on the Admin level 9 logs for webserver and webclient only and do the update without the reboot and send us the logs. Please beware, that you will lose all the buttons and the MAC addresses once you upgrade from 56.0 to 60.0. So take a backup before doing this.

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