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WebRTC No Audio


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Was wondering if you could provide any insights on how to resolve no audio on calls made via the user portal.


I tried following all the necessary steps, i have a domain certificate, using chrome, and i have logged in via HTTPS. I'm able to make the call go out and i'm able to put the call on hold with the MoH kicking in, but no audio between users.

Currently using v59.8 on Windows.

Any insights would be helpful, thank you.


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Thank you for your response,

I'm familiar with how to resolve one way audio issues between devices. Most notorious ones are with SIP ALG, double NAT's, and firewalls.

However this is a test server with no firewall rules or any complicated setups. I'm assuming though when the call is made via the user portal the RTP range that's used is the one under SIP -> Audio?

I've never used WebRTC before so i'm not particularly familiar with how to troubleshoot it.

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If it's a test system with no firewall whatsoever, then only other thing that can matter is you not having the webRTC license on your test system. Does your license have "WebRTC support" written on it? You can see that on the /reg_status.htm page

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