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We currently using Vodia PBX with our client's middle software that is voice automation + a bit of AI in the transportation business. For a current call, what API can we use to  call an external number to dial and external number and connect this external to a  current call to of an agent?

The business scenario in this case is to connect a incoming call to the number (cell phone) of a transport driver, without any human intervention. The middleware developed will queue it's own database to determine the appropriate number to dial. However, with this information what Vodia commands (API)/code do we need use to achieve this and are there any examples of such code.



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For a simple external call redirection you can use the IVR node, especially the ActionURL there should be useful. As long as the PBX does not have to listen to the users voice input this could be a way to handle things in a simple way.

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