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problem with holiday days range format


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I want to setup an automatic service flag for summer holidays so that with this service flag I can control the IVR messages in autoattendant and have multiple service flag for multiple type of holiday and so different IVR messages.

So I created an automatic service flag with the logic "Specify times when flag is active (calls are redirected)" where I filled only "Holidays hours" and "List of holidays".

In "Holiday hours" I put "00:00-24:00" to specify the whole day and in "List of holidays"  I put for example "08/01/2019-08/31/2019":  the flag is activated for every day between 1st and 31st August and it's ok, BUT if I use the format "08/01-08/31" in "List of holidays", the flag is not activated like the range format is not recognized. Is that a bug or I'm doing wrong somewhere?

Btw this mechanism to specify a service flag only for holidays is a bit tricky because the "List of Holidays" logic that is (according to the manual) "To specify the days on which you do not want the schedule to be activated, such as a holiday or any other day, use the holiday field", but at least it works :)

Thank you for your help,


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