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False alarm.  even the screen is from the 63 version (blue) it keeps displaying:


62.0 (Win64)
Build Date:
Nov 9 2018 16:34:27
License status
No license
License duration
How can i get this new free licence added to my group of licences, thank you
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I already have my full licence for the server i been running for great deal of months already.

No, there is no issues with the lic. i hold., I just downloaded a copy of vodiapbx and installed in another different location server.

I need to test how does it runs from there compared against current official license and server.

So i will need a trial or activation new lic? so i can update and work with it?

Thank You

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This is what i have.  Not able to even create the localhost or any domain. i did the upgrade to 63.0 but the system shows 62.0

Software-Version:62.0 (Win64)
Build Date:Nov 9 2018 16:34:27
License statusNo license
License durationPermanent
Additional license information:Calls: 0/0, Extensions: 0/0, Attendants: 0/0, Callingcards: 0/0, Hunt Groups: 0/0, Paging Groups: 0/0, Service Flags: 0/0, IVR Nodes: 0/0, Alerts: 0/0, Agent Groups: 0/0, Conference Rooms: 0/0, CO Lines: 0/0, Trunks: 0/1000
Working Directory:C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX
MAC Addresses:00163ECF9E27 525400391692
DNS Servers:
IPv4 Addresses:
CDR Records:O=0, T=0, E=0, I=0
Calls:total: 0/0 (0 min) current: 0/0
SIP packet statistics:Tx: 1 Rx: 1
Emails:Successful sent: 0 Unsuccessful attempts: 0
Uptime:17:56 Memory=132041K
Number of HTTP sessions:1 (6 requests)
Domain Statistics:0 (0 users)

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Awaiting for information.  Thank You


[1] 12:28:16.481 GENE: Starting up version 62.0
[1] 12:28:16.498 GENE: Adding DNS server to the dns server list
[1] 12:28:16.498 GENE: Adding DNS server to the dns server list
[1] 12:28:16.508 GENE: Working Directory is C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX
[1] 12:28:16.549 GENE: Starting the Win32 PBX service
[5] 12:28:16.558 GENE: Starting threads
[5] 12:28:16.563 GENE: Set process affinity to 1
[0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: UDP (IPv4): bind() to port failed
[0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: Could not open UDP port 161 for SNMP
[0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: UDP (IPv6): bind() to port [::]:161 failed
[0] 12:28:16.566 GENE: Could not open UDP port 161 for SNMP
[1] 12:45:51.089 WEBC: Performing software upgrade based on http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.3.xml
[1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: The system cannot be upgraded to this version (please check and/or re-activate your license)
[1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Last message repeated 2 times
[1] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Software update error: your OS Win64 is not part of swupdate process
[3] 12:45:51.151 WEBC: Software update: Removing file pbxctrl-old.dat
[1] 12:45:51.160 WEBC: Software update finished. If there were no errors, changes will be completed after the PBX restart
[5] 12:51:58.270 SIP: Ignore traffic from user-agents "CSipSimple" "Gulp" "PortSIP" "SIVuS" "VaxIPUserAgent" "VaxSIPUserAgent" "friendly-request" "friendly-scanner" "iWar" "pplsip" "sip-scan" "siparmyknife" "sipcli" "sipsak" "sipv" "sipvicious" "smap" "sundayddr"
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