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Featureless Lobby Phone


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We want to setup some phones that would be in hotel lobbies, the phone extensions should allow for outgoing calls to external numbers ONLY and not allow calls to internal extensions or to access any feature codes or internal voicemail.  The Hotel Permission is supposed to deal with the star codes restriction but that didn't work as expected as even with Hotel Permission applied to the extension, I can still dial any * feature code i want from that extension.  I then tried adjusting the Vodia dial plan to NOT ALLOW numbers with XXX pattern but that does not seem to have worked either as local extension dialing doesn't go through the dial plan it would seem.  Has anyone else successfully setup a featureless phone that only dials outside numbers and nothing else?  I'm using Snom D120 phones and Vodia 62.0.3

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We don't provide this feature by default and hence you'll have to tweak it according to you.

For NOT sending the star code you will have to add all the star codes in the dial plan specifically to be DISABLED. Check this link https://doc.vodia.com/domain_dialplans#Parts_of_a_Dial_Plan and Ctrl + F for "star codes"

And similarly you can select the drop down for "call extension" and assign extensions to it and DISABLE that as well. Or maybe check the "P" box on those entries so that they'd need a code when dialing other extensions.

Please go through the above link we provided for further very detailed ideas and explanations.

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I've tried a few dial plan routines as you suggested, the star codes do not seem work in the dial plan, i put the \ before it as indicated in the documentation but nothing happens, star codes still work unaffected by the dial plan rules (see attached example).  In the second attached example i thought maybe i'll just forward any attempts to do star codes to an auto attendant message where I can pre-record a message saying this feature is disabled, but its not forwarding the call either.  Any attempt to manipulate a star code in the dial plan has no effect, even if i enable PIN mode, no effect. 

As for the Trunk drop down "call extension" the documentation suggests this feature is for sending calls to extensions, not disabling calls to extensions, so when you said to select "call extension" and "disable" it i'm not sure how that's done since the trunk pull-down only lets you select ONE thing at a time.  Under the Status i can select disable, but the documentation suggests the status column is for disabling the dial plan rule entirely so this would not have the desired effect since i need the rule to be enabled in order to have any effect.  See the bottom row of my 2 examples for the attempts i've been playing with.



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4 minutes ago, getmp3s said:

i put the \ before it as indicated in the documentation but nothing happens

You haven't given anything in the "replacement" field yet. Hence we suggested you to slowly go through the doc previously. It has many info in the text and images both.

And you have to select the call extension > Then add entries in Pattern and replacement > then disable it.

Alternatively, there was also the "P" option that you're yet to try for the same.

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Hi, so the only success i have had here is if i make up an extension in the pattern field that does NOT correspond to a valid extension on the PBX then I can get the P option to work, or I can make it follow a replacement pattern or block it entirely.  So i can replicate a syntax that does what i want with a made up number/extension... But,  If the extension or star code I input into the pattern field is a valid extension on the PBX then anything in the replacement field, including using PIN or CMC is ignored. I've been at this quiet a while with dozens of permutations, i only posted 2 that I thought best corresponded to your suggestions.  I'm really confused about how you've explained to select call extension from the trunk pull down and then disable from the status pull down as this is in direct conflict with the documentation that i read very thoroughly, it says "Status. In addition to the service flag, each entry may be manually enabled or disabled." What effect would making dial plan entries and then disabling the entry entirely have?  This option is for temporarily bypassing the entry so it has no effect, its not part of the syntax.  I must be misunderstanding you then as obviously you know more then me, lol...  Can you send me an example that you think might work and I will test that? Just make the example how to block calling extension 108 and how to block dialing star code *99 and then I can replicate this for all extensions and star codes once I have one working example of how this should work please.  Thanks!

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In this particular event i think it's better to restrict the device rather than the PBX since most don't support these types of actions by design.


I did have a chance to try to test out the restrictive dial plan to not allow for extension/star code dialing but it doesn't have any effect because internal calls do not reach the dial plan for them to take effect.


Since you're using Snom's they have an expression dial plan string page:




The last one dictates on how to block dialing, since you only want outbound, you can substitute it with 1 instead of 9 as in the example. This way you can just send out all calls as 1xxx...etc. Since you're not stripping any digits, even if they were to dial an internal extension with a 1(xxx) it won't go anywhere since 1xxx is not a valid extension, same with starcodes.


The example string from the help page:


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I agree one avenue is to do this locally on the phone. This will give you 100 % control. Try to use the snom general parameter, then you don't have to change the template for provisioning. And if you have to change it, change it only for this extension.

The other thought is to set the extension to type "hotel room" - this also limits the features and you can e.g. define if rooms are allowed to call each other directly.

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