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I have looked through the dial plans section several times, and it really doesnt tell the story.

How do you change + to 011, and what does these replacements mean:




Surely there must be an explanation somewhere of what this all means...please



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With the latest dial plan handling you can control how the PBX feeds numbers into the pattern matching. For example you can feed the numbers in E164 format if that makes your life easier. You could then match 011* and replace it with +* (not sure if that works) or sip:+\1@\d (this should work).

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We should look on the process on how the dialed number gets from the original caller to the trunk. When the PBX feeds the number into the dial plan, it formats the number (by default) into the "human readable" country-code dependent format. In the US that would be 01144xxx. Then the replacement comes up with the destination number, which is then fed into to SIP trunk which may reformat the number once again. Keeping this in mind my approach would be to turn logging on and look at the numbers as they go through this process and then make adjustments to the dial plan and the presentation in the trunk.

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i am not sure what all this means. All i am trying to do is remove the + from a dialled number. From +1 to 1 and from +44 (for example) to 01144....from the dial plan. I dont think it can be done, and all i am asking is for a confirmation. If it can only be done from a trunk then again, i am all ears. This should be straightforward.


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