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Auto Attendant answers but sometimes no audio

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I've had this ongoing problem for some time now.  It seems to be fairly sporadic but it's happening more lately.  Sometimes when a call comes in the AA will answer but the greeting doesn't play and all that is heard is silence.  If the caller puts in the extension, the call is sent to that extension.  System is on a linux VM with software version 63.0.1.  AA file type is a .wav 16bit 8hz mono uncompressed.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Please check your sonicwall configurations (which we've also replied via the ticket that you raised).

The sonicwall has caused a lot of issues to many customers of ours.

There is a setting that needs to be turned off (hoping that it's SIP Transformation as we're unable to find the snapshot of it from when it happened earlier) which should help your case out.

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I would also test if the problem is related to the auto attendant or to audio in general. For example, does it work if you call the mailbox? Do internal calls work fine (which would point at the trunk and potentially at the firewall). You can generate PCAP traces from the PBX e.g. from the trunk; they usually help troubleshooting problems with RTP and media.

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Hi There

I have a ssimilar issue on aws server.

I can ring to voice mail. Or select options.

But welcome greeting is silent.

I uploaded file on AA ivr tab section.

There is no help page of ivr tab parameters.😔

However I can play uploaded  file using play button on the page.

Not sure  what name should i set for default file name.

wav File was uploaded into *98XXX*1


Thank you.




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