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Vodia App for iOS


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I have now try to connect the App to my PBX v.68 but if I scan the QR code I can see the settings in the App, but nothing works.

NAT setup:
port 80 TCP -> PBX
port 443 TCP ->PBX
port 49152-64512 UDP -> PBX

PBX Setup:
Redirect to HTTPS -> ON
IP Routing list -> IP
ACME Directory URL -> Let's Encrypt

Did I miss something ?

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Can you access the PBX on HTTPS outside of the LAN (e.g. from your mobile phone without WLAN)? If that is the case, please make sure that either no extension in the tenant is in a group with app permission (which means there are no restrictions) or your extension is in a group with app permissions. Also when you hover over the QR code, there should be information about what the QR code contains. Does that include the DNS name, the username and a token or password that makes sense?

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