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The download links located here:  https://blog.vodia.com/Vodia_windows_app  have all gone dead recently and we have a number of customers who are on environments where the Windows Store and iTunes store are either blocked, not supported (ie: Windows7) or not permitted as part of their network restrictions (domains).  We were previously relying on these links in order to give our customers access to the EXE and DWG installers so they could use the Vodia PBX App.  Could you fix these links or provide an alternative way to download the VodiaPhone installers without relying on Microsoft Store please?  

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Perhaps you have more than one version of Vodia Phone app installed. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling again? Or in case with the Windows Store you might have to go to the store app directly to trigger the update. Hope that helps

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The test environment I used to test the MSI above was within Windows Sandbox, when installing the 3.1.0 or 3.2.0 MSI it ends up saying 2.0.0 at the bottom as pictured above.  So not sure this version is actually newer or older then whats on Windows Store. 

On my main operating computer i went to check what Windows Store has installed automatically for me after checking that all windows and store updates are applied and there are inconsistencies there too.  For example, the windows store installed app reports 3.0.1 at the bottom, and device manager reports version 3.0.2 is installed and Windows Store "What's new in this version" page says the latest build is version 3.0.0. 

Anyway, they all work for me - its just impossible to know what version is actually in use for situations where we need to troubleshoot with our customers. 

after update.JPG

vodia phone.JPG

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