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Inbound SMS not working since upgrade to version 67 - Bandwidth

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Hello all. Ever since I have upgraded my server to version 67, my inbound SMS service through Bandwidth no longer works. Outbound however works fine. It worked fine on version 66, and I haven't changed anything since then. In the logfile, it appears that the server is receiving the SMS message, but it's just not getting to the user from there. Here is what I see in the log file:

[9] 22:03:28.554 Accept connection 105 fromⓘ
[9] 22:03:28.554 Request /recvsmsⓘ
POST /recvsms HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 387
Connection: Keep-Alive
Accept-Encoding: gzip
User-Agent: bandwidth-api
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

[8] 22:03:28.555 Receive SMSⓘ
[{"time":"2021-05-05T05:03:28.348Z","type":"message-received","to":"+17255272653","description":"Incoming message received","message":{"id":"1240cc61-df96-44e9-a080-14232fbbeb26","owner":"+17255272653","applicationId":"cfa624ce-3f08-4624-b2d6-6bcf440x8x6x","time":"2021-05-05T05:03:28.225Z","segmentCount":1,"direction":"in","to":["+17255270000"],"from":"+17023253383","text":"Got it"}}]
[6] 22:03:28.764 Delete HTTP connection 105 fromⓘ


I read over a similar topic where someone had the same issue using Telnyx service, but it didn't help me figure out my issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I am running Vodia Multi-Tenant version 67.0.2 hosted on Google.

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Ok, do you suggest I upgrade to 67.0.4? Will that possibly fix the issue? I checked the settings in my Bandwidth account and everything seemed fine. And as I mentioned before, it was when I upgraded to version 67 that incoming SMS stopped working

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So I did the upgrade to 67.0.4 over the weekend and inbound SMS was still not working. I did notice that under Event Notifications in the system level of the administrator programming, "Text messaging enabled for domains by default" was turned off. I tried turning it on and incoming SMS started work again. Not sure if this is something that turned off by default when I upgraded to version 67, but this seems to have been the issue. Also, in the Edit Domain section, "Enable text messaging" was set to on, but incoming SMS still did not work until "Text messaging enabled for domains by default" was turned on in the Event Notifications section. Seems like it should have, but either way, I'm glad it's working now. Thanks for your help!

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