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Questions on cdr classification and relevant APIs


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I am trying to get the live status of a domain, using http://myip/rest/system/status, it can return the information below:


My questions are:

1. whats the relations beween total_calls and obj_cdrs,trunk_cdrs,ext_cdr,ivr_cdr?

2.How can I get the information (via APIs) of an acd or an agent below:

    (1)the total calls today,  the answered calls today, the abandoned calls today ,

    (2)live information :the calls in Queue, the calls answered;

3. For the questions listed in 2., can they be got via the cdr which is collected in a mysql table by ways of "Settings - CDR & Recording" -CDR URL : jsons://MYIP/vodiaCDR.php (which is the one Vodi recommended.)" ? 



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Thank you!

I am doing some reports for some ACSs! To do this, I need to get live calls data (ivrtime,talktime,holdtime today) and period data (weeklly, monthly) as well, how do you recommend to get them?


Another question is , for each cdr record collected in a mysql table by ways of "Settings - CDR & Recording" -CDR URL : jsons://MYIP/vodiaCDR.php (which is the one Vodi recommended), does it mean a complete call?  As I have analyzed the cdr records, I found that it has two records representing one complete call while it has single record representing one complete call, but I am not sure

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Thanks for your update!

I had tried to find the rules of judging the direction of a call in cdr records via "from" and "to" fields, but its seeming very unpredictable ,which I think the information is not the fact and wrong.

As I need to get the live informatioin of "Inbound"/"Outboud" calls, I suppose access directory of the vodia server is a little inconvenient, so can we have other ways ?   doesnot voida server have APIs for this ?




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