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Sending a fax from desktop app


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The browser is easier to control the app. At least we are able to clear the cache and make sure that everything is up to date. We are changing that in the Windows app as well, but its not so straightforward. The email that the PBX sends out should be the confirmation on what as been sent. Are you saying what the FAX receiver has is different from what's in the confirmation email?

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FYI - Bit of relevant info for you.
We've got a ticket open with support currently regarding faxing from the user portal.
The user portal will fit the page width to fit to a US-Letter page size - this leads to having a section of the bottom of the page cut off when faxing an A4 document.


We are currently using 1100 rows, which correspond to 2200 pixels because of the vertical resolution. Letter would actually require 2235 lines but we make it a little shorter to avoid trouble at the receiving FAX because it might run into the next page. For DIN A4 we would need 2444 = 1222 rows. It probably makes sense to use 1200 rows. 

I would use the letter size automatically only if the country code is "1". Canada is also using letter, so it might make sense to just use the country code as indicator. We'll include that in the next build, IMHO this should be a no-brainer. We will try to make a build 68.1 where we can test this, however this will be next week.


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