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App code could not be generated in v68.0.3


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I'm trying to generate QR codes to scan for the first time since upgrading to v68.0.3 from v67.0.x, but get the error "App code could not be generated" when going to Extensions > Ext > Provisioning > Apps > QR-Code.

Get the same when switching to user mode and selecting "QR Code" from the Top Right 'Avatar' menu.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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15 hours ago, Support said:

Hope this helps: 


"Use DNS names" was set to No, and "Read content for global and domain files" was sent to "Don't", change these to "Yes" and "Read", and QR code now works.

2 hours ago, jawaid said:

As a recap, under the system level, go to Network Ports and make sure under the HTTP section the make sure the following are set:



I had the same issue, and found the above post, which helped resolve the issue.

Thanks jawaid. 

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Hello. Just discovered that my system wont generate QR codes from extensions>dropdown list "download QR codes". Comes up with the extension number and name, but no QR.

Of course I discovered this while the internet at the largest client was cancelled.

It appears that then going to Extensions > Ext > Provisioning > Apps > QR-Code generates a code but the code is butchered.

Whereas the normal code would translate to : {"url":"https://domainname","user":"user@domain name","pass":"32 character password"}

mine generates: {"s":"domainname","t":"10 character sequence"}

System is 68.0.3
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On 3/27/2023 at 12:57 PM, David H said:

Sorry to bring up an old thread however what was the end result of the ticket? We've just come across this issue now.

Are you on 68.0.3 or maybe 69.0.3? Maybe better to open a new topic... Can you navigate with the browser to the PBX over HTTPS and see the "green" safety sign?

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