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Auto attendant default message repeat value


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On 1/4/2022 at 12:55 AM, Support said:

The default is always a value that the system "should do" generally speaking. For e.g in this case, it will be 1 because playing a message one time is enough generally for users. 

That's the thing, the message is repeated if it is set default, you need to select a value.  Given there is a value 'Default' in the dropdown I assumed there was a master setting somewhere so that I didn't need to select a value each time?

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4 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

Yea we have that open topic that we should better describe what "default" means. Unfortunately it's not a simple task because every "default" is different. For now I would translate it with "more or less reasonable value or user does not care about it".

Or just remove ‘default’ as an option at all?  I.e. have the default setting in the dropdown to be 1, if you need more than 1 then you select a bigger number as required. The ‘default’ value seems to be continual loop and never goes to the redirect number set.

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