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Outbound CLID as anonymous


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I am trying to make a call and block my ID. 

Using *67 says caller ID will be blocked but a call presents as the extension but with a leading 0 (0100)

I have set Block outgoing caller-ID on the extension ... makes no difference.  Either displays the extension as above or the ANI if set.

All outbound CLI has a leading 0.  This is fine if I set ANI as 612XXXXXXXX but not if I set XXXXXXXX

What am I missing?  PBX V 68.0.8

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Please check the logs on the admin level of the PBX. If the logs have "anonymous" or "unknown" , "hidden" etc. kind of caller-ID in it that means that PBX tried to hide the outgoing ID.

But according to the laws that the trunk carrier follows, it may not be be allowing it from its your end. 

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