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68.0.12 Release notes

Vodia support

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Release note for version 68.0.12



  • Some improvements for Fanvil phones. The X7C did not have the right names for buttons. Introduced a Fanvil-specific button mode like with other phone manufacturers, so that the generated code can be overwritten.
  • Reject invalid SDP. When an SDP attachment was invalid in a INVITE request, the PBX would not send the response back. This will be used for TELES SBC that send Re-INVITE with T.38 and RTP.
  • Downloading the Google contacts did not update the internal cache.
  • Firmware paths were missing for some Yealink models.
  • The missed SMS emails for queues did not mention what group was missing the message.
  • When recording a PCAP on an extension, the PCAP now also contains the SIP messages from the trunk even if that call was set up first.
  • Ad-hoc recording from the user front end did not work properly.
  • Added support for IXICA SMS.
  • Added better support for ALE M7.
  • When email was selected as monthly billing method, the tenant login would wait for a timeout.
  • Changed the handling of star codes in dial plan to provide better control over what star codes are handled with this feature.
  • Allow the system admin to edit a global dial plan in any domain.
  • Fixed some problems with queue stats, e.g. missed calls, determining previous days and months, history caching.
  • Better default for tenant MoH when MoH was created for a specific tenant.
  • Fixes for QuestBlue JSON SMS.
  • Automatically load audio_moh files e.g. for FAX tones.
  • Park fix: Handle different scenarios of parking a call. E.g. some phones/versions hold call before parking it, others park the active call directly, and we also don't want a previously held call or a ringing call etc.
  • Check permission in the user front end must include the defaults as well.
  • More control over caller-ID update depending on User-Agent.
  • Park orbit: Local connected leg, instead of any leg to park it
  • No need to show media errors in alerts in the user front end, console output is enough.
  • Fixed several glitches in the front end where data was invalid.
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