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68.0.12 Release notes

Vodia support

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Release note for version 68.0.12



  • Some improvements for Fanvil phones. The X7C did not have the right names for buttons. Introduced a Fanvil-specific button mode like with other phone manufacturers, so that the generated code can be overwritten.
  • Reject invalid SDP. When an SDP attachment was invalid in a INVITE request, the PBX would not send the response back. This will be used for TELES SBC that send Re-INVITE with T.38 and RTP.
  • Downloading the Google contacts did not update the internal cache.
  • Firmware paths were missing for some Yealink models.
  • The missed SMS emails for queues did not mention what group was missing the message.
  • When recording a PCAP on an extension, the PCAP now also contains the SIP messages from the trunk even if that call was set up first.
  • Ad-hoc recording from the user front end did not work properly.
  • Added support for IXICA SMS.
  • Added better support for ALE M7.
  • When email was selected as monthly billing method, the tenant login would wait for a timeout.
  • Changed the handling of star codes in dial plan to provide better control over what star codes are handled with this feature.
  • Allow the system admin to edit a global dial plan in any domain.
  • Fixed some problems with queue stats, e.g. missed calls, determining previous days and months, history caching.
  • Better default for tenant MoH when MoH was created for a specific tenant.
  • Fixes for QuestBlue JSON SMS.
  • Automatically load audio_moh files e.g. for FAX tones.
  • Park fix: Handle different scenarios of parking a call. E.g. some phones/versions hold call before parking it, others park the active call directly, and we also don't want a previously held call or a ringing call etc.
  • Check permission in the user front end must include the defaults as well.
  • More control over caller-ID update depending on User-Agent.
  • Park orbit: Local connected leg, instead of any leg to park it
  • No need to show media errors in alerts in the user front end, console output is enough.
  • Fixed several glitches in the front end where data was invalid.
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Seen as no new post for 69.2.4 , posting here but feel free to move to a dedicated 69.2.4 post. 

I am wanting to know more about

"Trunks Global trunks that were using TLS or TCP did not send responses back over the same connection. The trunk failover could trigger false alarms if the call did not connect fast enough."

Is this where the PBX builds the contact header with the random port that was opened for signalling? instead of the defined system SIP port for TCp/TLS? I had been having this issue on 68 with TLS trunks (proxy/gateway type) where after a 20-minute call the port had been closed by the PBX so the BYE was not received from carrier resulting in calls that ran on after external hangup. Once I defined the contact header manually to the system SIP port it would be fine.  

If so, can this be back ported to 68


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The issue with the global trunk response was specific to 69 because of some Teams issues that was introduced in 69. I don't think it makes sense to port that back to 68. 

There are generally some sobering facts about using TCP/TLS for registering with SIP trunk providers. It is just very difficult to keep TCP connections up through firewalls. IMHO thats the reason why e.g. Microsoft decided to use OPTIONS in both directions which avoids the problem, however at the price of a more complex setup.

But also in 68 the PBX should show the client port correctly in the contact header unless that was manually set. In some setup you'll need to set a DNS address so that the SIP trunk provider SBC routes it correctly. That's a valid customization of the SIP trunk setup IMHO.

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