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Service Flag for redirection is backwards in Call Queue Redirection


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I have a call queue with a redirection to an after-hours Auto Attendant if the Office Hours service flag is NOT active. It doesn't work.

I tried using a different setup where it would redirect if an After Hours service flag IS active. It doesn't work.

I switched the redirection to "Always," and it works.

I tried switching the logic to redirect if the service flag IS active for Office Hours (it is not), and the redirection works.

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Same issue is happening to me. I don't remember what version it started to mess up on for me (I think 68.0.16) but I know it is still doing it in the latest 68.0.22 build. One additional issue that has happened is on 9-15-2022 I had 7 calls that forwarded to the answering service that is set for the call queue redirection. Even though the service flag for that redirection was not enabled during that time. This issue was happening in 68.0.22 .. I have rolled back to 68.0.20 to see if it happens again or if it was only an issue in the that latest version.

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On 9/18/2022 at 6:03 PM, RichardDCG said:

This has been an issue for a while, I ended up using an AA with an immediate redirection to the queue with the service flag options setup there...

Richard, this may be what you found too - I discovered that the Service Flags are followed as expected and normal when using them in the AA. 

In the Call Queues, even if you assume reverse logic, it is very unstable and will work sometimes, not others, and worse, it will disconnect inbound callers. I recommend staying away from service flags in the queues until that is fixed.

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Well in the later versions you can always use service flags inverted or not inverted. This is because the original idea was to define something like "office hours" and redirect when a call was out of the office hours. However there are other occasions when you e.g. want to call a cell phone during office hours, thus the need to invert.

As for the queues, because it is a digital system, ultimately there is no such thing as erratic behavior, though it might be hard to understand for the humans. What is currently a thing that makes it harder to understand how the PBX includes agents is because the system does that in steps, which are done every so-and-so seconds (there is a setting for that). If a Tim was specified that falls between those times, then there is no action until the next step is happening. That can be very confusing, especially if you lets say schedule each stage for example every 60 seconds. We do have the plan to rewrite that, but as of now, that's not done yet. Until then our recommendation is to keep the stage duration reasonable short and turn logging up for better understanding why decisions are made in the queue. 

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