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7.3.x and flexor


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ok so Flexor now has a free outlook app. very cool. but it wants 7.3.7 (10a)


has this been tested with pbxnsip at all?

I am using Flexor, with my Snom 360 7.37, I am not having issues, however my phone is not set up using PNP.


We did run in to one way audio issues with 7.37 using PNP, and I was required to downgrade my client. I believe there is another thread about that in this forum.

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ok this is a pbxnsip issue.


I rolled back to and the problem is gone. I can call an agent group/ conference room or any extension and the CO line is never lights up. which is proper.


the 3.1.1 when I call any internal extension lights the co lines


*PnP snom config*


I probably wont roll this version out until this is fixed.

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