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Calls not captured in CDR's when trunking


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I have noticed the odd call here and there which looks like this on the pbx.





It shows no trunk was used, but there was as they had a 45 min phone call to an external number, when you inspect the billing CDR's there is no record of this call... a little concerning if relying on the cdr's for billing. I am only using filet:disk with /usr/local/pbx/cdr_billing/$c/$m/$d.csv so as it does not think it's a trunk call it does not show up. 

I can't find a way to reproduce on demand other than spotting them like this randomly when doing other works, I have seen it happen on the previous version too. 

Thoughts, what could it be? when the user makes a call right after it could be fine again. 



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17 minutes ago, Vodia PBX said:

A common pitfall is to enable "VIP" permission to an extension to hide the CDR in the group. Then the PBX does not keep those CDR. 

Thanks, I checked not the case here. Plus also its random some times ok some times not but very random when it happens. Have not seen it for a while again, but will be on the look out.

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