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Overhead Paging


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has anyone used a SPA 962 or SPA942 phone with the paging option?

if a customer is on the phone with someone, a page comes in,the call gets placed on hold so the page comes in


what should i look for to change so the call doesnt get placed on hold?


Linksys says that is a feature! There was a discussion some time ago about this and at that time there was no option. The only way to stop it is to set the number of lines to "1" - however then call waiting also becomes impossible.

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I had recently the same problem so I’m happy to this post does anyone know if beside the cyberdata if there is a solution on the Linksys phone itself like setting up certain settings etc . ?

in order to work properly on the phone without needing to buy an extra device if anyone has some experience please reply Thankls !

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Regarding paging is there a way to give a busy tone if someone pages a phone that is already on the line with someone else. It seems like a poor decision that Linksys made to have a page automatically put a call on hold. Say your on the phone with a customer and another extension pages you, your customer randomly gets put on hold without them even knowing and the other extension has no other way of knowing you were on. I hope Linksys does something about these issue ASAP because it really was a poor move to sell a product advertising it to do certain features that it currently does not support.

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