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Ring Groups: stage extensions does not go to stage 3


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I am having trouble with the ring group stage extensions.

I configured the call flow to start with an auto attendant(400), then a ring group(200) with three stages of 60 seconds each and the same extensions, then another auto attendant(401), and then back to the ring group(200). 


However, the ring group never reaches stage 3, and the call ends after the second ring, which also skips stage 3. All agents are active and available, but no one answers.


Can anyone offer any assistance or advice on this?

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We tested this here with Avaya J-series phones. After settings the maximum ring duration to ten minutes and the reprovisioning of the phones — it worked just as it should.

Can you double check if the phones send any 4xx responses while they should continue to ring? 

Also, for Yealink phones, what happens if you set the following value to the Yealink General parameter and retrovision the phones?



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I don't think the PBX will allow you to loop the calls indefinitely with this scenario. There needs to be an exit strategy.

In the older versions there used to be a setting hidden in the .xml that was called max hops, maybe the new version has it as max loops. Take a look and maybe increase this value to be higher so the PBX will tolerate more hops/loops.

If you are using v68 and you want callers to "loop", you should be using the agent group instead of ring group. Then inside the agent group create your announcement messages, which i assume that's what the AA's are for.

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There is a modification to Duc's requirement and the flow now is AA-RG-AA-VoiceMail.

As has been previously pointed out the call does not proceed beyond the second ring group and never reaches VM. This is not an indefinite loop but a 2 stage flow using 2 ring groups only.

Our system is using v68.0.30 and there must be a way to increase the imposed flow limit.

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