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V4 provisioning


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I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.


with a snom phone I set the http client to user@domain and use the web password.


otherwise I use admin@domain and the provisioning password and I set the MAC in the registration?


is that right?


That sounds right. I assume this is a hosted setup (i.e., the phone is remote or wants to do the http based provisioning). One more thing is that you need to setup the settings URL (on the Advanced->Update page) pointing to PBX.

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yes but this is soooooo bad for us.


that means from V3 to V4 I have to touch over 1000 phones to upgrade people.


in V3 i enter 100@domain1 with the provisioning password :dompass


but I cant change everyone's web password to dompass. that impossible


If it is only the webpass & dompass issue, we can provide you with the version that let's you provision either with the domain password or the web password. What OS are you on?

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Is this going to be a fix in the final product? so we dont need "special builds"?


The problem is that in the newer snom firmware, the username cannot contain the "@" sign. Believe it or not! In snom phones, you must use the form "40;domain=pbx.company.com". In other words, instead of "@" use ";domain=".

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