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Unable to register extension


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I'm using the excellent SnomOne Free pursuant to the small size of my business.


I have actually 9 extensions, 2 are only registered.



On one extension, I wanted to register a second phone on same IP.

I set the value for concurrent registration to 3 so normally I would be able.


SnomOne Free is designed for small business and I really appreciate it. But, even if I don't register all extensions (only 2 registered) I encounter the following error message :


[3] 2010/11/23 07:29:45:	3rd party registration licenses exceeded (3 > 2)



- SnomOne has been activated

- Only 2 extensions are being used on 9 created.



I cannot figure out why I'm expecting this problem and if it's a misconfiguration or a limit of license...



Thanks for help,


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Snomone Free allows, if I'm correct, for 10 extensions :

8 of them have to be Snom phones, the other 2 may be other brands.







That is correct. Note that this limitation applies to non-snom softphone, fxs, or sip phone/device. Free edition will allow 2, yellow=5 and blue=10 non-snom devices.


So this is not the next question ;-) be aware that the 2 non-snom devices will not be able to use their "transfer" buttons (if they have them) but you will need to use the snom ONE star code to transfer. (example: put call on hold, then dial *77)


I am very much hoping snom can find a way to remove these artificial limitations, but this is how it stands.


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Hello Marc,


THank you for quick answer.


That's too bad.


I have on grandstream phones and swissvoice...


I really regret it ! I switched from the complicated 3CX where I wasted €380 for a pbx which does not suit my needs


Snom Phones are certainly very nice but they are pricey compared to GXP-2000 for instance.



Anyway, I just hope this number could be raised at least 5 third party registration... 50/50 with the free version.



Best regards


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For the future, couls we have an idea if Snom will raise the number of non Snom devices registration.


Even on pay version like Blue, it would be nice to allow people using softphones when they travel :either from iPhone or from laptop with ability to phone while being away from office.


If I had one critic gainst SnomOne : it would be only this frustrating registration limitation.


Snom phones are maybe offering great possibilities however they are less easy to find, especially for used phone markets.


They are good IP Phone that really deserve to use such PBX despite some button-integrated functionnality that are not compatible with.



Otherwise, this is the best IP PBX software I ve ever used compared to 3CX or Axon.


Any answer from developing team would be greatly appreciated.




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The softphones are really a problem here. Obviously, snom has no intention to help selling hardware from other vendors. If there would be a way to tell if the registration is a soft phone or a hard phone, that would make life easier. Seems like the good old snom 360 soft phone becomes popular again these days.



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Getting a softphone is something snom should do. But it doesn't solve the complete issue here.


if snom is going to limit devices that connect to snom ONE then they really need a full line of hardware and software which they can offer the user instead. What are some of the missing components? FXS, fax, video deskphones, multi-modal (IM, app sharing, voice) sip client, SIP cameras, etc. There are some other vendors that have nearly this whole list of devices/software. (c,g,y) Currently snom doesn't so to be compelling it needs openess.


Also, i think snom shouldn't get to fixated on throwing some business to g/y. If snom ONE would cause 10 handset to goto g/y for every 100 gained for snom, wouldn't it still be worth it? Even if that ratio is much worse it is still additional sales for snom handsets. But even this may be an odd way to look at it. I mean, snom ONE is NOT generating sales for g/y. These companies would have bought some other pbx--snom just wouldn't know about it. Now snom knows about it and can email the admin from snom ONE stating "If you had a quality snom handset the issue you just experienced with the unsupported Grandstream would not have happened." ;-)

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Hi everybody,


I would like to thank Matt for its excellent idea to suggest improvements for SNOM One throughout Ideascale.


I really encourage snomone users to give opinions, idea. Especially on limitation of non snome devices : if you want this number to be raised, please vote for it :







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