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BLF button is picking up


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Thanks. Even after removing *87 I'm able to pick up a call by hitting the BLF.


The documentation says "This mode [bLF] is similar to the monitor extension mode; however, it does not support the picking up of calls." I'm not seeing a difference between the two modes. If set it up on the phone and not in snomOne it works as expected.

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Is this not normal PBX behavior?. Every SnomONE/PBXnSIP site we have sold uses BLF key mapping for call pickup. Every other non Snom PBX we have is also the same. Cisco UC520, Epygi Quadro, 3Com and Grandstream all allow you to intercept a watched ringing extension by using the mapped/BLF key.


I see where the confusion is tho.. Snom say:


Monitor extension:


When a call is either coming in on that extension

(fast blinking) or is on hold or parked (indicated by slow

blinking), you can pick the call up by pressing the button.

Calls that are connected have a solid color.




Busy Lamp Field (BLF):


This mode shows when the specified extensions are in use.

When the extension is connected, the LED will be solid;

when the extension is ringing, the light will blink fast;

and when the extension is holding a call, the light will blink slowly.

This mode is similar to the monitor extension mode; however, it does

not support the picking up of calls. When the user presses the button,

the phone always dials the programmed.



Personally, I have never used "Monitor extension" only BLF. So for me BLF works how I want it to, but not how Snom says it does.

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Yea I agree. Originally the intention was to keep the BLF really simple, but then more requests for different behavior came in so we split it up. Essentially, the question is if you want only to control the LED and use the button essentially as speed dial (independently on the call state) or you want that the functionality of the button with the change of the state. The problem here is that there might be ugly race conditions, for example you want to call someone, then a call comes in for that someone and you accidentily pick that call up.

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