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Conference Rooms & Multi PBX


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Hi guys, some of you may have seen my other posts, I'm trying to get a big amount of extensions and faxes setup together.


I'm pretty sure I'll have to get multiple PBX units probably 3 when all the stores we are trying to connect get switched over.


Now can I chain conference rooms? like the Conference room of one PBX dials the conference of the other PBX?


Is there any limit on the quantity of participants other than the amount of trunks? and the number of CCS the server hardware can handle?

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Chaining conference rooms is not a good idea. There are a couple of problems with that.


First you are piling up delay. That is probably the least problem.


Second, you are piling up "noise" as the conference trunk will always be busy and the PBX has no more chance to cut out silent speakers. Unlike real conferences, there is no concept of "ditance" in the PBX conference room, so everyone even breathing will be mixed into conference and this creates to much background noise that the conference will not be fun any more.


Third, when you have a large number of conference participants, you need to have some way of moderating who is talking. Otherwise, everyone caughing and putting the call on hold (music on hold from the cell phone provder) will easily disrupt the conference to the degree where this is not fun any more.



I would say the max conference participants is somwhere around ten persons. This will be okay for most CPU, so this is not so much a CPU problem, the problem is more on the "application layer".

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