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The web interface also displays the stat. However that requires that you are logging in through a HTTP session. In theory you could use curl to automate this and retrieve information (the web interface uses actually AJAX for this, so there would be no huge parsing overhead). What would be your preferred access method? SOAP?

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HI this topic is almost four years old, but i would like to respond and expand the request.


What kind of reports can we create as some of our clients are becoming more sophisticated and hiring people with agent mgmt experience and interested in the types of reports that we can provide.


I cannot find any documentation on this other than what you wrote above.


Please advise.

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It is impossible to cover all requirements on reports. However in the meantime we have added support for MongoDB records, so that it is relatively easy to write report scripts that pull the information out of the database and present them in the way customers need it.

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