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5.0.6 bug


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provisioning also seems broken



File snom720.htm not found


Please ask your system administrator to check the log file.




[8] 2013/03/05 13:37:38: HTTP: Received request for file snom720.htm from 198.91.

[7] 2013/03/05 13:37:38: HTTP: Error finding snom720.htm, Send back 404 Not Found to 198.91.

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Yes, sorry there were a lot of changes in the web interface and also the new MAC-based provisioning required changes in the file names. If you have changed pnp.xml, I would revert back to the default and check what changes you did to the pnp.xml and if they are still necessary.

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awe changing things up eh..


ok i dont get it.. prior you just needed the extension to authenticated to get the plug and play provisioning. Now i can add the MAC to the extension but it still needs authentication? I cant find that trust MAC option anymore..

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can you explain more about the TLS server authentication?


That's actually a feature that we had since 5.0.0. Some phones (snom 7xx, 8xx, m9, and possibly also others like Polycom) have a client certificate X.501 build in that serves like a passport, signed by some trusted authority. The PBX is asking for that password upon connection establishment and when available, it trusts the phone to be that MAC address. This makes it very easy to have a secure provisioning.


For the phones that don't come with client certificates, we added a new method in 5.0.6 where we open a window in time where the PBX trusts the phone also without certificate. This is not as secure as certificates, but in most practical applications during the installation phase okay and actually very convenient. This replaces the old settings which could have had the name "always trust MAC which the PBX can see in layer 2 of the Ethernet packet", and it has the huge advantage that is also works in the cloud.

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