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Cannot receive fax with Patton SN4554 - error 488


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SnonONE v5.0.7 MacOS & Patton SmartNode 4554

When setup with voicemailbox enabled I am redirected to the right mailbox and message is delivered to the configured mailaddress.

With voicemailbox set to FAX I get an error "488 Not Acceptable Here."




o=- 1752513057 1752513058 IN IP4


c=IN IP4

t=0 0

m=image 56890 udptl t38





[5] 2013/04/02 17:45:37: SIP Rx udp:

SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-b077e69e5a22086611f4541e5dd92bc7;rport=5060;received=

From: <sip:034441972@>;tag=39e2561067

To: <sip:anonymous@>;tag=380fd4226b

Call-ID: 8fcf9e7c4800232d

CSeq: 7365 INVITE

Server: Patton SN4554 2BIS EUI 00A0BA063AA5 R5.7 2011-03-10 SIP M5T SIP Stack/

Content-Length: 0



Any idea what can be wrong here? SnomONE, Patton trace & trunk settings attached




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Can't really say anything about Patton... However the PBX does attempt to switch to T.38, so a lot of things went right before this step. The G729 codec cannot be the problem. I don't understand why Patton would reject the T.38 re-INVITE. Maybe there is a way to get a more detailed log from the gateway why it does that.

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Thanks to the great support of Patton, the mistery is solved.

It's great to define an alternate voip profile but doesn't help when you don't use it ;(


in 'context cs interface sip' it missed the line 'use profile voip VOIP'. The gateway was always using the default voip profile which only allowed g711 but no t38.


Attached the running config if it can help someone.


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