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snom firmware buttons are very messed up. BLF doesn't work and shared line lights on all calls.


snom firmware DND sync still jacked. (i assume the same old issues with buttons still exist)

update: dnd sync on 3xx works, just not on 7xx


also seeing some phantom shared line buttons light up.

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Its an error in the handset software they say is going to be fixed next version.


Adding the below to an 870 phone provisioning file will give you most function lights back but for some unknown reason, parked calls still do not show orange status.


Not sure if you can change the below commands for 7 series phones by using the key led commands instead of vkey.



<vkey_red perm="RW">RINGING DND RECORDING PICKUP Red.on Red.pickup Red.park Red.message</vkey_red>

<vkey_blue perm="RW"></vkey_blue>

<vkey_green perm="RW">CONNECTED AVAILABLE Green.on Green.pickup Green.park Green.message</vkey_green>

<vkey_orange perm="RW">HOLDING ON_HOLD PARKED ON CALLING SEIZED OFFHOOK MESSAGE Orange.on Orange.pickup Orange.park Orange.message</vkey_orange>

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Since it works perfectly for me on snom720, I don't know what settings are different for us that it behaves differently for you.


The only difference could be the phone firmware? I am using snom720-

Only happens on the newest beta firmware. Snom firmware
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