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RTP Stream with VLC

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I need little help to do work stream RTP for one customer.

The final objectif is to stream a radio in Music On Hold.


Before I would like running it in lab.

I followed wiki and tried all that I found on this forum.

But it does not work. L


Config :

-1 Windows with Snomone 5.1.3 (Free). On this computer, VLC & softphone Zoiper installed.

-1 other Windows computer with also Zoiper

-For begin, I try at first stream a music file. (I would see then for radio)


1\ I converted my MP3 files to WAV 8000Hz / 16 Bits / Mono..

(If I upload it on Snomone as MOH file, make call between softphones and put on hold, I hear this music….Format is ok)


2\ I add RTP stream « VLC » on port 42000 in SnomOne and switch on in General Settings.


3\ I run VLC to stream my file to (itself because VLC and SnomOne hosted on same system...), port 42000. No transcode.


:sout=#rtp{dst=,port=42000,sap,name=VLC} :sout-keep



=> I make call between softphones, put on hold, I get nothing.. no music


I tried

-stream since second computer (issue with vlc and snomone on same system ?) => not work

-stream MP3 and transcode to accepted format => not work

-differents things see on forums :


:sout=#rtp{dst=,port=42000} :no-sout-rtp-sap :no-sout-standard-sap ttl=1: :sout-keep


:sout=#transcode{vcodec=none,acodec=s16l,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=8000}:rtp{dst=,port=42000 } :sout-keep


:sout=#transcode{vcodec=none,acodec=alaw,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=8000}:rtp{dst=,port=42000 } :sout-keep


:sout=#transcode{vcodec=none,acodec=ulaw,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=8000}:rtp{dst=,port=42000 } :sout-keep



I don’t understand why that don’t work in Music On Hold.

VLC stream seems OK. Format for SnomOne also..


How to I can troubleshooted that ?


Greats thanks to those who can help me

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If VLC and the PBX are running on the same host, I would try as destination.


If that does not work either, I would send the RTP stream to another computer for testing purposes and get a PCAP (Wireshark) trace (that computer does not have to run the PBX). Then we can take a look if this looks like RTP that the PBX can understand. Once that is okay, you can change the destination back to the PBX.

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Thank for this fast answer.


With Stream to that dont’ work.


:sout=#rtp{dst=,port=42000,sap,name=vlc} :sout-keep


Stream sent by another computer, that don’t work also



:sout=#rtp{dst=,port=42000,sap,name=VLC} :sout-keep



I run WireShark on this another computer. But I don’t know in network analyse and I don’t see what I can deduct from it.


I made one capture with MOH standard active and another with RTP via VLC. (call and put once on hold on each)

I don’t see differences...



Edit: in attach. capture in csv format (Too big for format pcap)


Edit2: Perhaps with that :


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Best Wishes for new year.

And always thank to follow my issue.


For audio format of file that I use for test, it's mono.



This file works if I upload it in PBX



I send to you in mp a PCAP.


To make this one, I use 3 computers.

1\ PBX + Softphone (account : 105)

2\ Sofphone (account : 106)

3\ VLC + Wireshark


=> Call 106 to 105 then put On Hold 7-8 seconds.


if I compare with one PCAP where I don't call, I don't see differences... strange, no!?



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