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Service Flag to specific AA IVR greeting


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I have a similar situation as the posts in these topics:






Our customer wishes to direct AA Monday - Friday to an IVR greeting # 1


and Weekend Saturday - Sunday AA to an IVR greeting # 2


Can we use only one service flag for this? Right now we have it as:


Mon-Friday 9- 5PM




Service Flag 600 and in AA IVR greeting # 1


How can we trigger AA IVR greeting # 2 during the weekend?

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The point about the service flag is that is can be used in many places, as long as the times are the same. You can use it in the auto attendant, in the cell phones, in hunt groups and so on. But they all need to switch on and off at the same time.

I really do not understand how this answers my original question?

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I guess we are not communicating! I am aware of the screens you are showing me. If you go back to my original post I am trying to accomplish a specific playback. One greeting will play Mon-Thursday after business hours and another one will play Friday (After 5PM -Monday morning untill they open. I cannot upload the file which contains the pictures of my set up but if I am allowed to judging by the people who have been following this topic it may help quite a few folks. The size of my file is 520K.





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When the caller hears the greeting they neither press an option nor are they transfered to a specific VM, they are supposed to hear greeting # set on AA's IVR. In this case greeting # 2 Mon-Thursday after hours and the greeting # 3 Fri (after hours)-Monday when they reopen. Again, I can post what I have set up in a .pdf file, pictures can be helpful.

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You need to have both of the service flag under Service flag account and you need to have both Night service number as well.

The trick is that both service account have to be set on automatic mode so one can activate and deactivate.


The yellow account 668---> will trigger 100

The blue account 669-----> will trigger 200


any other service flag account added have to be in order so they can trigger the appropriate account.




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I guess I am still confused. I wanted to have same AA in your example 100 playing the IVR greeting # 2 Mon-Fri.and IVR greeting # 3 weekend. It seems that you are saying that is not possible? Is that correct?


If that is correct then I am not following the reasoning for 5 IVR greetings on AA???

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