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Click to Dial via links

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I need help for use fonction click to call via url



I would make calls in use links with authentification inside..

But I don't understand the link for auth...




If my account is "301" and my password "password" , I put auth=301@pbx.company.com:password


full link:


Is it ok?

because that don't work


Thanks for your reply

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it works not.


If " &auth=myextwebpassword" is web password of extension, "secret" must be replaced by what?


I tried with :








Tests with pbx.company.com = IP address SnomOne in IE and Chrome.

but none works.


I see also what:




=> I get dialog box for log on AddressIpPBX:80 but I cannot log with

-Extension (40) +WebPassword

-Extension (40) +SipPassword

-Extension (40@pbx.company.com) +WebPassword

-Extension (40@pbx.company.com) +SipPassword

- admin + WebPassword


I don't understand :-/

On http://AddressIpPBX, I log with extension or admin correctly

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I make others tests.


With link following :



it's work correctly in Chrome.

In Internet Explorer (11), authentification automatic works not... I get dialog box for log in.. I can log with 41@pbx.company.com and password. The call runs.

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There are several ways to start a call with the remote_call.htm link.


If you have already a session, then the session authentication will be used. This is interesting if you are logged in from a web browser.


Otherwise there are two ways for authentication. If the HTTP request contains a HTTP header "Authorization", it must contain a Basic authentication according to the RFC. In single domain environments where the domain names contain localhost, the username may not include the domain (123 instead of 123@domain). But it is better to include the domain anyway.


Otherwise the URL itself may contain the authentication in the form username:password. The username is the username as used in the user parameter in the URL. Make sure that special characters are escaped using %xx.


This click to dial works only if the extension has a web password set.

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