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We have a mystery between two snomone boxes that have been working for almost 2 years. Recently due to security issues we had to switch the inter-office trunk to run across a ipSEC VPN instead of the wild internet. The ipsec has no restrictions whatsoever and traffic flows without issues across it. The trunk is configured as as generic SIP gateway pointing to the remote internal IP of the snomones.


Call go throughout with no issue and audio flows perfectly. The only issues we have right now, is that from when Office A dials Office B, the call gets disconnected at exactly 1:30mins. When Office B dials Office A the calls work normally and do not get disconnected until they finish.


Any ideas where this limit of 1:30mins or disconnect comes from?


We looked everywhere/ Any ideas are most welcomed!




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We have fixed this by taking away the Ip Routing entry we had on one of the sides. On it we had the internal/external IPs for our remote phones. At least we fixed the interoffice trunk dialing but now we broke the outside phone lines :(

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Well the routing gets really difficult if the PBX has to "pretend" that it operates on IP addresses that it actually does not have. LoL maybe we should introduce the name "virtual IP address" for this.


Maybe instead of removing the routing table entries it would be better to add one more for the trunk address, with a /32 mask. Then the side effects on other entries should be minimal.

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