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Auto Attendant Setup


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In the following scenario is still an issue:


Trunk to AA#1 - In the settings for the direct dial destination, i have "1#" (to force the PBX to pause 3 seconds) to route to AA#2


This works, except it cuts off half of my message on AA#2.


If I take out the # sign, it routes perfectly, and plays the entire AA#2 greeting.


Please advise when this can be fixed.


It's essential that we be able to have direct dial destinations, regardless of Extensions that start with the same digit (i.e. 1)


Thank you

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That AA is on another system, right? The problem was that the AA#2 gets started with DMTF already coming in, and it happily picks that up?



No, AA#2 is on the same system, same domain.


And AA#2 plays the 1st half just fine, it's the back half that's cut off.


Very easily reproducible.


Without the # - it plays the entire greeting.

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I can confirm this is a bug in at least the last few releases, you can find several posts in the forum about this. I you an IVR node instead fo the sub attendant, to work around the issue.



I can operate most features in PBXnSIP, but even after reading the wiki, i have no idea how to implement this into an Auto Attendant, or sub-AA..


Could you please post detailed instructions?



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