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Tapi client won't work


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We use Vista business with outlook 2007.


We have installed TAPI SP 1.1 and configured the tapi client from this manual http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/TAPI_Service_Provider


We have extension 901 with webpassword 1234 domain = localhost ip= and

extension 902 with webpassword 1234 domain = localhost ip=


I can log in to pbxnsip web console with the above settings.


When i want to dial van outlook and i select an contact and slect op dail nothing happens, when i lay down the hook on 1 machine i get an error message device is busy.


when i use dailer i also get no responce on my phones.


Please can you give me some directions or tips.




Alexander van den Hoek

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Hello, what a concurrence! :lol:


I was verifying this today for partner-company:


Does the pbxnsip TAPI work with Vista and Office 2007 (Outlook2007)? :mellow: The answer is YES. :D


Hint: You dont need to provide the webpassword! It is the PIN associated to the account. :blink:


Best regards,




btw.: cause our pbxnsip is in a voip-dmz, behind an ISA-Server - I begged our firewall admin for a new rule:

Allow RTP / UDP Port 5060 from internal network to the pbxnsip-ip. After this it worked smooth.


But be aware! If you have Office Communicator 2007, like we do - than OC2007 will kill all TAPI's. As long as the application is running you cant use any TAPI.

It seems Microsoft does not tolerate any tin goddess beside itself. :huh:

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it works that it rings my desk phone when I try to call someone from my contacts list from outlook

But as soon as I pick up my desk phone it disconnects the call,

And in the PBX I see the call is coming from (the dialed number) to (my extension)


What I want to do, and what I thought this does, is when I click to call someone from my outlook contacts list, my desk phone will ring, once I pick it up It will then ring the dialed party

how do i do that?

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