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Reporting on AA selection - ( my ref: 992124 )


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We are using a Vodia PBX provider operating Vodia-PBX/57.3.4.

We would like get a report on what Auto Attendant option our callers have selected in the month.

We have a very simple setup. Incoming calls are answered by the Auto Attendant and the callers are given two options.

Option 1 will ring Hunt Group 1

Option 2 will ring Hunt Group 2


We wish to gather statistics on a monthly basis of how many callers pressed option 1 and how many callers pressed option 2, and how many callers hung up out of bewilderment (though the hang up stat is not an essential requirement)


I'm looking for guidance on the best way to achieve these statistics. The Daily CDR report doesn't seem to provide the information I need and is daily, not monthly.

I would also be happy to employ a third party reporting software, but need assistance on which one will provide the stats I need. I am of course hoping the PBX can provide the stats for me without third party software licensing costs.


Thank you.




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Sadly out PBX provider will not give us direct access to these log files. All we have is what is available through the PBX.

If there any other "inventive" way you can think of as to how we might be able to get these stats?

Could we include a something in the hunt groups that would register on the daily CDR?


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