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Seems like there is NO combined BLF for monitor, pick up and speed dial. Client has SNOM 320's and only has 10 free buttons?

In Future how can we get around this... We don't have any documentation on new buttons set up, so does this mean 30 buttons will be needed,, when previously on 10 were required to do three function for one extension (button)?

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The issue I see here is that and extension BLF on v60.x will not pickup a ringing phone if it is in a hunt group or agent group. Older versions were able to do this. To me this simply makes sense, if I want to pickup a ringing phone I should be able to regardless of it being in a hunt group or agent group.

Lets use a Snom D725 as an example. I can see this being problematic if all my buttons are used for BLF and I have multiple hunt groups or agent groups. In older versions if an extension was in a hunt group and you had that extension as a BLF on your phone you could pickup the extension.

In v60.x this does not work. I know I can remove some of the BLF buttons and make them a hunt group but I would have to give up some of my BLF buttons to make room for hunt group buttons.

Is it not possible to keep the old BLF behavior in v60.x?

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