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Call Pickup on Agent Group


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I am trying to figure out a way to configure call pickup on an agent group.


What I am wanting is for the Agent Group to appear on a Yealink T46S phone as a BLF and for someone who isn't currently logged into the queue to be able to pick up the call if required.


Currently I can program the Agent Group as a BLF, but I can only pick up the call using the button if that particular phone is logged into the Agent Group. If they are logged out it just calls the Agent Group number and that phone enters the Call Queue.


If logged out of the Agent Group I can manually dial *87 and then the Agent Group number and it will pick up the call as desired, I can program this as a Speed Dial for the button but then I don't have the Indicator light that I would get from a BLF.


Is there a way to be able to configure this?


I am running:

Vodia 61.0.2 (Debian)
Yealink T46S Phones with Latest Firmware


Thanks, Nathan

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If you put the ACD on a button button you don't need to change the pickup preference (this should actually contain only orbits if remember correctly). Generally there is the "promise" that if a LED is blinking that the user can pick that call up. I think for the ACD we have more of a permission problem - should someone outside of the group be allowed to pick up the call? I remember we had made a change in the area so maybe the next version might already solve the problem.

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I did try the "Explicitly specify pickup preference"  field, however this hasn't fixed it.


When logged out of the ACD, the LED button isn't blinking, but yes when logged in it does blink and the pickup works.


Where does the permission problem exist in this scenario? When logged out of the ACD I am able to dial *87399 and it will happily pickup the call where the programmed button wont.



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We're wanting exactly this. We're using version 63.0.0 and still not working. Any way to get this function working?

First call allows for an ext outside the group to pickup the call however if there is an active call in the agent group talking to an agent the subsequent calls do not flash on the external ext and if the button is pressed they become part of the queue listening to the hold music.

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