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Backup and restore


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If I understand correctly the backup of the entire folder of Vodia is a complete backup well done.
To restore from scratch you should just replace the new folder after an installation with the backup folders (folders only).
Can a 32bit or 64 bit restore be restored on both?
Is it possible to make a partial backup, e.g. only extensions or only trunks? (which folders?)
Is it possible to restore only extensions or only trunks?
Same question: how do I save and restore only the admin and domain parameters?

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You can restore the backup between different operating systems. The only thing you will have to change is the pbxctrl (or pbxctrl.exe for Windows).

Yes, you can delete some of the information, e.g. if you delete the trunks well then they will not be there any more. It is a little bit of a "hack", but you can remove what you don't like. There are some shell scripts at https://doc.vodia.com/shellscripts that will help you finding the files that you want to delete.

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