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How to Find SIP Password of an extension


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There is no way to find the password. It is generally considered a bad practice to find passwords, at least if they were entered by a human. You should instead create a new password. If you have lost the root password, you can reset the account from the file system. From there on you can always drill down on domain and user to overwrite passwords.

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1) If you programmed them manually, can't you reuse the same password then?

2) Even if you use a new password now, it won't affect your deskphone because you've manually registered them. Should be fine.

You can try with one phone and see the results.

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If you automatically provision the desktop phone, the PBX will generate a MAC-dependent password for the VoIP phone. Then you can change the SIP password without any problems. If you use the SIP password also in the desktop phone, well then you need to change it there as well. 

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