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Lets' Encrypt Support w/ automatic renewal

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It look like the "Reply button" on this discussion has been disabled. You're saying the auto-renew of a Let's Encrypt certificate is already included in Vodia v65, but that isn't described anywhere, nor how so set it up.

I might have skipped that part although a 'Search' in the Vodia Documentation remains w/ no usable result.

I would therefore appreciate if you could provide some more detailed setup information. For now, we created a Let's Encrypt certificate which we installed manually (w/ success) on the Vodia, valid for 3 months. My more specific questions are:

1) Is there a way to request and install a new Let's Encrypt certificate from the Vodia admin website? If so, what is the procedure?
2) How does the (automatic) renewal process work and where has it to be configured?

Thanks for your support

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There is no need to import the lets encrypt certificate - the PBX does it all by itself. Just enable it, make sure the domain name is resolvable through DNS and that port 80 is visible for the lets encrypt bot - then the rest is all handled automatically.

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