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Apps not autostart


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We have issues with the Apps, the apps is not auto starting except you go to the App and enable this. Which means we are missing calls from staff extensions. The App should simply work  like any other call enable app like WhatsApp or 3CX app  that I don't need to daily touch the app for the status to be green and enable. This is very frustrating for the users.

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No. The App is not auto starting on Android except you touch the App and interact. we are running the latest PBX 6.7 firmware and  Vodia Android App 3.7. Even most ratings and comments on the Android App suggests this still needs a lot of improvements.

The iOS App appears to be more reliable but lack features equivalent on the Android App. So there's no consistency in both iOS and Android.

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iOS and Android run a completely different code base. iOS has CallKit which makes the whole VoIP app space a lot more enjoyable, Android has a completely different approach. Because only few users use both Android and iOS, having them look alike is usually not as important as functionality. 

What Android are you running? What model? Was this installed through the Google Play store?

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When you say it does not auto start, you mean you don't receive calls on it when the screen is off and it just been sitting there?

That would be an issue if that is happening because it's working for us and most of our customers, we will have to have more information why that would happen for you.

Have you opened a ticket with us for that?

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