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PHP Code Integrations into our CRM


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we are in the process of doing custom development into our own CRM , our CRM is developed using  PHP. Our developers have studied the online guides but having  issues to understand the code.

My Lead developer has sent me this email to find-out as follows:


Sir, I have gone through every document link that you have provided me. and I have realized the curl document has not defined the prerequisite things. 
Can you directly ask the support team for a PHP code to add an extension for users? with one code I will be able to understand the rest of things.
We simply need a single line of code in PHP to add an extension successfully in Vodia  and with that they can understand the syntax.
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Yes. We do have the correct password, as indicated earlier once we typed the password it went straight back to the login page.

This is a development platform that will be scrap after the project.

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IMHO if you control your own CRM code, I would rather go for the integration that requires those changes on the backend (see https://doc.vodia.com/click2dial "Click-to-dial Embedded into HTML"). Then when the user has logged into the CRM system, there is no need to enter a password. All the user needs to do is click on the phone number that you present to the browser. The user can also disconnect the call from there.

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Now WebRTC Click to Call  API  is running but call is not showing on the receiving end.

`<div style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="window.open('http://PBX_IP_OR_DOMAIN/makecall.htm?destnumber=1234567890&user=YOURUSERNAME@DOMAIN.COM&pass=MD5HASH&time=current_time&duration=3600', '', 'width=230, height=300, left=200, location=0');">John Smith</div><div style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="window.open('http://PBX_IP_OR_DOMAIN/makecall.htm?destnumber=1234567890&user=YOURUSERNAME@DOMAIN.COM&pass=MD5HASH&time=current_time&duration=3600&lang=en', '', 'width=230, height=300, left=200, location=0');">John Smith</div>`


I have used the above code.


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We would need more debug information not that you are presumably doing it correctly but the call not being made.

Could you please open a ticket with Vodia with the last post.

Also the SIP logs. OR if it's only a test system, maybe we can have the url, login and password of the admin of the system, if it's a public system so we can exactly see what's happening and advice accordingly.

You can add that in the ticket if you want.

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On 3/15/2021 at 8:32 AM, Choicecloud said:

sir i was trying to run WebRTC Click to Call  API .but it is constantly asking for login credentials.when add it is redirecting to same page again n again.kindly help.


From your URL here (as much as we can see)

1. Please try using https instead of http

2. Your domain should be xyz.com and not http://xyz.com 

3. You don't need to escape "&" with "/".


Also as one of our members mentioned, sharing admin login to your PBX can help.

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