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Hi Team,

I have set the "Transfer Reminder After" on a tenancy, which works fine when completing a blind transfer from a yealink handset (actually pressing the blind trans button).

However, When you begin with an Attended transfer, then hang up, turning it into a blind transfer, the call does not call back with the transfer reminder.

Is this something that can be achieved?

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Have another customer that has raised this same request.
With the default config, the handsets (Yealink T54W) will complete a BLF transfer as an attended transfer.

They want to be able to press a BLF key to initiate the transfer then hang up.

Is there anyway this can ringback to the reception handset should they not pick up the transferred call?

This customer previously had an iPecs which worked in this manner.

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On 4/22/2021 at 11:53 PM, DanielA said:

When you begin with an Attended transfer, then hang up, turning it into a blind transfer,

Could you divulge more details about this use case? Attended trasnfer to who? Another extension or a park orbit?

If it's another extension, then how would it turn into a Blind transfer if you never got to speak with that extension to call it an attended transfer?

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Probably a poor choice of words on my behalf.

Transferring a call to another extension.
If they start an attended transfer via a BLF key and hang up before speaking to the other extension, it gives the appearance of a blind/cold transfer.

In this case, the transfer reminder doesn't function and the call would hit the receiving extensions voicemail.
In some cases, users would want the called returned to the extension that transferred the call instead of an extensions voicemail.

Currently, the transfer reminder will work on the yealink handsets if you specifically use the B.Trans key - but trying to explain to a user that they have to press 3-4 extra keys to transfer the call blind rather than pressing the BLF key doesn't get received well.

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Hi Daniel,

I too had the same problem and with T54W as well.

As Vodia have suggested, putting the transfer.dsskey_deal_type in the yealink_common.txt file worked a treat.

I set it to 4 to give the user the option of what type of transfer they wanted.

I found the user can still do a consultative transfer though if they wish, as they could press transfer before the call is answered which is seen as consultative, so for that scenario I created an AA that plays a message saying "Your call is being forwarded to reception" then rings the reception ring group... I then set all extensions call forward no answer to go to AA after 20 seconds. The Transfer Reminder is 15 seconds so it will kick in first if its a blind transfer. Works well.

You can even use a {if model == "t54w"} so it only applies to t54w.

The problem I have now, which I will open another discussion on, is the Transfer Reminder doesn't seem to work when using the Vodia App to transfer a call even though it is a blind transfer you're doing.


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