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Auto turn on the speaker.


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Same exact problem here, I just keep forgetting to put a ticket in. I can't even get it off speaker, no matte how times I press it.

google pixel 5


Doesn't this use capacitor? I would assume android models are irrelevant since it uses chromium.

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Has anyone tried actually calling someone at Google to speak to them about this issue?  This has been going on since last year and it is really turning off or android customers to the Vodia.  Sometimes you have to go above Tech support chats to get solution to the problem.

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I have a Vodia 69.3.1 and massive problems with the Android app.

We use Huawei P30 Pro, Google Pixel 8, and a Samsung S23, and on all devices the microphone is overdriven as if the microphone is in hands-free mode. I now have 2 customers who would switch to Vodia if the app worked properly. The latest software is installed on all phones. 

The problem occurs with both the V1 and V2 apps. 

With the V1, all calls are answered in hands-free mode, in the V2 only the microphone is overmodulated (except with the Huawei P30, where the V2 has worked perfectly so far). 

It would be useful if a microphone amplification option were available in the app so that the user can adjust the microphone himself, whether it has 100%, 70% or even 130% or so of power (as in the 3CX app). 

The Push-Server-Adress in my PBX is: https://push-eu.vodia.net (i am in Austria/EU).

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