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I am trying to demo calling in and setting the IVR message, but it just keeps saying "This feature is unavailable"

At first, the user was not part of any user permission group. So I created that and added them to it. Still get "This feature is unavailable".

Then I noticed the users account was set to "App Only". Fixed that, still getting "This feature is unavailable".

Then, I noticed the user did not have a PIN, So I set that. 

Then I called into the IVR with *986012, Now it says "Please enter your code". I enter the PIN, and then I get hit with "This feature is unavailable".

How in the world do we set the IVR message for Override default (*986012)



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Please try the following, hope this helps. 


1. Create a group 

2.  Group members: List everyone that will have premission to recording an IVR

3. Group Scope: Here you have to tell Vodia which group do these group members can record, in this case the Auto Attendant. 

4. Group permission: Here you will have a list of perms you can assign to the group, for recording an IVR use "Record audio for groups" 






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