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Yealink and LDAP


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Looking for help please, Yealink phones registered fine and they are working for calls in and out.  Pressing the directory button on the phone and you get an error "LDAP Server is unavailable"  displayed on the screen of the phone however if you perform a search you can look up the contacts on the phone.  I have the same error happening across multiple tenants.

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On 10/7/2022 at 5:07 PM, getmp3s said:

Confirmed LDAP not working on Fanvil phones either on 68.0.22. 

cannot search either, it finds no records. 


Just upgraded to 68.0.24 and still no LDAP on Fanvil devices. Moved the Fanvil device back to a 68.0.14 server and LDAP works there using same provisioning file. How soon can this be fixed for us Fanvil folks? 

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We were waiting for Fanvil updates, especially for providing software update firmware links, but we did not get anywhere (frankly) and published the .24 version anyway. But obviously the Fanvil topic is still open. As for LDAP, we have had cases where the PBX was set to return thousands of LDAP results which the phone did not like; but at least the PBX did return search results. Also because older models require ASCII TXT files to configure and the newer ones use XML, there are differences in the LDAP configuration, so it would be good to know what devices and firmware versions we are looking at.

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Thanks for the updates. We work heavily with the XU series phones such as X3U, X5U, X6U and X210/X210i so I've confirmed the ldap stopped working on all these models. Using latest Fanvil FW and with TCP protocol. I could test the V series next week and let you know.

As for software provisioning firmware updates, the current method Vodia is using for Fanvil devices doesn't work as your using the <fwcheck> method which only prompts the user on screen to update the FW. I rewrote my template to use the <ota> method which is true zero touch updating just like snom/yeakink etc.... And I pull the firmware files from here: http://download.fanvil.com/Firmware/Release/ but that's a whole different topic to the ldap one I'm hoping to get fixed. 

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There's a fix on the way for the LDAP, we will add this to our template, if you would like to test change the values for the fanvil-sysconf.xml and the fanvil.txt for the older device, This will be included on the .xx version. 



      <MobileAttr>mobileTelephoneNumber</MobileAttr> NEEDS TO BE ONLY TelephoneNumber

      <OtherAttr></OtherAttr>.  NEEDS TO BE  TelephoneNumber

      <NameAttr>cn sn givenName</NameAttr>






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