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snom m9 soft phone

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We have made a softphone out of the snom m9 cordless phone. This should help solving the problem that the snom ONE is so picky with the third party registrations. The m9 soft phone runs on Windows operating system and does pretty much every thing that the m9 base station does. The handset is obviously just a emulation, where features like alarm clock did not make it, but for example you can initiate a blind transfer and put calls on hold.


The soft phone is "free" (see the long license agreement that pops up after installing it with all the "we break for nothing" stuff) and you can use it not only with snom ONE, you can use it with anything that talks proper SIP.


http://wiki.snomone....om_m9_softphone has the manual. In this post I'll attach the ZIP; there is also marketing going on about the snom m9 soft phone and probably there will be other download locations; however fpr convenience I'll just attach it m9win1010.zip.


Merry Christmas!

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The progress soo far on the snom softphone is great. Thanks for the initiative!


some Feedback on m9 softphone r1008



-snom softphone phone arrived quick!



Needs work:

-when you hit enter key on keyboard to dial (press green button) it does a backspace instead of dial

-can't dial * or # from keyboard

-blocks when dialing (graphics issue)

-no dialing tone feedback when buttons pressed

-it seems only the number buttons above the letters on the keyboard work to dial

-hold/resume button not consistant: using m9 put a call on hold and then click resume, won’t work. You need to click “Hold” again.

-it keeps asking to register on each install/update (is this thing spyware? ;-)

-quick setup does not seem to work for me..

-shouldn't DND be indicated on the phone screen?



-how do we tell what version of the snom m9 softphone we actually have installed?

-what is recommended way to upgrade it? it looks like uninstall, reinstall, register for spam ;-), provisiong...suggestion: since you are using click-to-install couldnt this file be host centrally so updates could be automatic on restart? humble suggestion.

-are rocker button and softkeys intended not to work? or is this just work in progress?

-m9 seems very odd choice/form factor for softphone. All the unnessesary DECT stuff,no dedicated hold button, BLF, conf, transfer, indicator lights etc etc etc. I'm curious the logic behinds it's selection over 8xx?

-at this point the way old snom360 softphone has quite a bit more functionality. BLF, hold, trans., conf, vm indicator, ...ironic...its way old...i know i know..., probably many bugs in sip stack...but pragmatic thinking ;-) The worrisome thing about the new form factor is we can never even hope for 1-click hold, 1 click transfer, or BLF, etc. ;-)


Once again-thanks!

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I have tried to install this SNOM M9 softPhone on my Windows XP based Laptop.

It starts OK, but then it gets stuck, you cannot use it or set it anymore, and it causes the whole windows system to slow down.

It seems to be compatible only to Windows 7 and not to XP.

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We made an update m9win1010.zip. The link at the top was also changed, so people download the latest.


Apart from the release notes for the m9 (http://wiki.snom.com...9/Release_Notes), there are some improvements for the soft phone as well. For example, when exiting the softphone, it should actually terminate the process (not just the thread). We also did a change in the audio subsystem; there were reports about lockups, although we were not able to reproduce them the changes might have helped to make them go away.

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